Loss-in-Weight Feeder

Loss-in-weight feeder is professional to weighing different materials within highly accuracy system.This system is normally used in extrusion line through food,snack plastic,even heavy industy and so on.

Working Principle

When the loss in weight feeder system is running, the product places in the hopper will be firstly sampled by the controller from the weight sensor, and at this time, the weight loss per unit time is the actual feeding quantity. Then, the deviation value will be obtained by comparing the actual feeding quantity with the set value, and then the speed of the loss in weight feeder motor will be adjusted by the closed-loop speed regulation so as to achieve the accurate feeding requirements.

Technical Features
Stable and quick single-chip control system.
High precision and strong anti-interference ability.
Servo motor drive with high precision and quick response.
Touch panel display, support multi-language environment.
Central Control System realizes the connection of multiple loss-in-weight feeder, which is convenient for a variety of formula requirements.
A variety of models and hopper volumes are available to meet the needs of different material applications, production processes and formulations.
Support multiple communication ports such as RS-232C / RS-422 / RS-485, and Modbus communication protocol to realize seamless connection with field devices.