Metal Detector

Metal Detector is widely used in food,medicine,chemical and textile industries etc,to detect metal in productor in packet,for improving food safety and quality.

Working Principle

When metal detector is running, there will be an electromagnetic field generated from the middle sending wiring coil in the detecting area.The symmetric receiving wiring coil on both sides will have induced voltage under the use of alternating electromagnetic from sending wiring coils. The induced voltages from those two receiving wiring coils is equivalent and counteract with each other, two receiving wiring coils will be in equilibrium status.

When metal passes through, the electromagnetic field will change and the equilibrium status will be broken. The two receiving wiring coils will send out weak signal, which will be enlarged and treated in the system.Finally, it will send out alarm and rejecting signal.

Applicable Scope

It is widely used in industries of food,medicine,aquatic products,frozen products,chemical, toy and textile etc.It can be used to detect metal impurities inside product, raw material or packet during processing or packaging.
It can detect all types of metal, such as iron, stainless steel and Non-Fe. This can effectively ensure the product safety and improve the production quality in the company.